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A future-proof plan for a modern Real Estate agency

Sergio Gonzalez | 9 Dec, 2020
A future plan for a modern Real Estate

Working since 1997 on the Costa del Sol Real Estate market has allowed us to learn a few things. The long time established property agencies share a common scenario:

Define your priorities and targets

Take your time and define your goals and your real market niche. The real estate companies that generate more operations are those that best optimize their resources and adapt their actions to achieve real results, not imaginary ones.

An exercise: Is your agency a “Real Estate in Spain”, “Real Estate on the Costa del Sol”, “Real Estate in Marbella”, “Real Estate in the Golden Mile” or “Real Estate in Sierra Blanca”? A large part of your future success depends on your answer to this and other simple questions.

Usually solved with a few coffees and some open conversations with your team. Get in touch if you think we could help.

Get a good Real Estate CRM software

CRM software allows you to manage your customers and track all the actions your salespeople take with them. You can’t let any enquiry go unanswered or any customer go untracked. It costs a lot of money to get an enquiry, so there’s no question about leaving them behind. You need to control.

Also if the CRM is specifically built for Real Estate, it will allow you to manage your property portfolio, its owners and automate many processes such as matching, updating portals, networks, websites, partners, etc.. A single place where all the work is done only once.

Of course, our proposal for you is Inmobalia CRM.

You also can read more on “Why you should use Inmobalia CRM vs other CRMs”.

Build a solid website

Along with your offices, your agency’s website is probably the resource to which you should devote the most attention. Your website will be visited thousands of times more than your office and will define what thousands of potential buyers think of your agency.

Dedicate effort and resources to create a unique website that convince potential clients to trust your agency.

You know, we have our way of creating unique websites, see our Web Services, but there are great web agencies out there, just ask for their references and check them.

Train your staff

Your investment in offices, software, website, tools, staff, etc… needs to get the maximum possible return. A wrong email, a bad photograph, not following up, a bad description of a property, … can ruin not one but many sales.

You need to train your staff in the use of your CRM, your website, how they can take advantage of it to get more benefits with less workload. When staff know the impact their daily tasks have on the agency’s overall performance, productivity soars, every time.

Probably a good read: “The Underestimated Training“.

Tell the world you’re the right one

A marketing plan for a modern real estate can be very complex and expensive, but it also can be understandable and based on low resources. Work with your marketing people to understand the different options you have and choose a small number of actions and goals. Once the plan is setup, stick to it and push.

At Inmoba, we’re not too fans of paid ads. We have found that when your marketing people works closely with your staff, local knowledge flows and increases the opportunities and results of any marketing action. 

In fact, Educational SEO where common-sense web marketing meets in-house staff trainings could probably be tagged as our secret ingredient at Inmoba’s SEO and Web Marketing Services.