SEO and Web Marketing for Real Estate. Un-der-stand-a-ble.

We take care of the Technical SEO and web optimization tasks, but the magic happens when we show you how your daily tasks can produce such a high impact on your sales.
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Since late 90’s, we have been doing search engine optimization (SEO) on the Costa del Sol, having Marbella, Estepona and Sotogrande heavy property markets as our playground. We have travelled through many Google core updates and industry changes since then. At the same time, our long-lasting customers have taught us about how buyers, owners, investors, etc… interact when looking to do real business with them. Our approach to Real Estate SEO & web marketing is based on this collaboration, experience and tons of common sense.

We will not throw you a bunch of acronyms. We will teach you the signals you need to care of and how to do it. You are the crucial part of your agency’s web marketing success. No one can do it for you.

Our capabilities

Plan & Research

Web marketing is not an isolated effort. Nobody can do web marketing for your agency without you being directly involved. So agreeing on goals and planning ahead is a must. Long lasting web marketing efforts just works, short term ones are just bets.

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Technical SEO

Every single piece of content, property info, guide, etc.. must work for you. Your website must be kept optimized to help modern search engines to access, crawl, index and interpret your content. This is the base to work on improving organic SEO rankings and we are experts.

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Content Advice

Your website’s content represents your company, your professionalism, your arguments. It brings visitors from search engines but it also motivates them to make business with you. Estate agents generate lots of content daily, we just need to show you how to get best of it. You will be doing Content Marketing by yourself.

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Conversion Optimization

Thousands of visitors but no leads is a no-way situation. Small changes in design, wording, tone or call-to-actions placements can improve the number of enquiries from your site. Google Analytics is our friend here and we will monitor and adapt whenever required. You do not need to ask.

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Brand SEO

People search for companies on internet. Business cards are dead (almost). We use social networks, profiles, local guides, reviews, etc.. to build a pixel-perfect brand online for your real estate. Everything under your control.

So please, stop paying Facebook Ads if people can hardly know your phone number or the areas you cover.

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Educational SEO

SEO & web marketing for your real estate agency needs patience and perseverance. This could also mean a lot of money if every aspect is outsourced. We strongly believe in building your internal routines, so the daily work of your staff triggers some great sales achievements from your website. We love teaching practical SEO to our clients.

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Fanatic Support

Think on us as part of your team. We will investigate any possible online action or website change that could bring more business to your website or brand.

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Pay Per Click ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… are channels you could consider using to complement your organic results but we’re not experts on them. So instead of misleading you, we prefer to collaborate with experts dedicated to PPC. Ask for some references if you need them.

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Inmoba is the premium option for anything related to real estate websites or SEO

Serious, professional, yet friendly and it seems they've been operating in the Marbella real estate sector since biblical times. As real estate consultant I can recommend Sergio & his team 100%.

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Alfredo Bloy-Dawson

Alfredo Bloy-Dawson
Real Estate Consultant, Bloy-Dawson Consulting