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Is Inmobalia CRM the best Real Estate software in Spain for your agency?

Sergio Gonzalez | 12 Dec, 2020
The Best Real Estate Software Spain - Inmoba

There are many CRM software options on the market. Many claiming to be CRM systems while they are not. Choosing the right one for your Real Estate agency in Spain is crucial and probably will define your success in the next few years.

CRM means Customer Relationship Management

What is happening with that client? Who is dealing with him? Are we dealing with him on time? Are we losing clients? These and many other questions needs to be answered immediately by the software you use. A good CRM allows your staff to easily register all your customers interactions and get alerts of any business opportunity they may have. Managers can learn what is happening in the company at any time and make good decisions.

An example of a CRM Software? Pipedrive but …

A generic CRM is not an option

Property portfolio and sellers must be included. You need the property management inside the software. Not only potential buyers are your customers. The relations with owners, promoters and colleagues sharing their portfolio are equally important. You need a CRM software specifically built for Real Estate. But not just any Real Estate CRM will do.

An example of a Real Estate CRM? PropertyBase but …

It is about Spanish property, right?

Many real estate agencies run by non-Spanish people try to use software from their countries. Also, some Spanish agencies try to use Real Estate CRM software built for other markets. Most of them struggle to adapt their workflow to situations that are completely inconsistent with the Spanish real estate market.

Your CRM needs to be tightly connected with the markets you are working on. Selling property in Spain is not the same as doing so in the UK, France, Sweden or the USA. Think on locations, types of property, law matters, taxes, sale process, etc… But also think on the local knowledge you will get from the software support team.

An example of a Spanish Real Estate CRM? Inmovilla but …

Your real estate CRM should make your team’s work shine (and achieve goals)

And here is where Inmobalia CRM really stands out. Built on the knowledge of hundreds of renowned Real Estate agents on the Costa del Sol (Spain) and their collaborators all over Europe. Developed by a team with 20+ years of experience and know-how working with top agencies, franchises and real estate networks all over the globe.

After a quick 30 minutes demo, you will recognize how many features built in the software are 100% business driven. Each of them product of an intense feedback from the real estate agents using the software. Your team will love how the software ease their daily tasks and help them achieve more goals. Your managers and marketeers will have a strong and future ready base to develop their campaigns.

Learn more about Inmobalia CRM or schedule a demo and see by yourself how it can boost your real estate agency.