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The underestimated training

Sergio Gonzalez | 14 Dec, 2020
The underestimated training - Inmoba

There is one question that always comes up when we start discussing the next big project with a client. “You work for my competition too. How do you handle that conflict of interest?”.

Our answer is always the same: “We will work with you to build the best website, the best platform and support processes for your company to achieve its goals. We do the same for all our clients. But the success of it all will be revealed once your staff learn how their daily tasks impact on all of them.”

And that’s where the magic happens, and differences appear.

“Please, mind the gap”

You know your business. Your listing department know how to get owners on board. Your sales people are great at negotiation and sales closing. All the staff and managers have been trained in the use of a good CRM. Your website is online. Your agency is alive but… Could you do it better?

Real Estate is a business based on information and technology. Real Estate agents in 21st century must be aware of how the information flows from one part of your business to another until a sale is reached. Your staff understanding how the whole team works together opens a new set of business opportunities that have been always there, hidden at first sight.

Also, basic use of actual technologies in daily tasks cannot be a problem for your people. Technology is not a gurú thing anymore. Reacting fast to customers or colleague requests must be the usual case for a modern Real Estate agency.

Gap identification example 1:
Who is writting property descriptions? Who is checking them later? Any guidelines? Is the marketing team involved? Have they met? Where are these descriptions going to appear? Do they know? Are they written for what?

Gap identification example 2:
Ask any of your team to organize a Zoom meeting with those clients in 15 minutes and share the invites with everyone involved in the sale we are going to discuss.

Just detect the gaps and fix them by training your staff. It paids back amazingly. Maybe you could also consider adding a techie to your team.

Training as an open conversation

At Inmoba we do this kind of trainings per request. We are not realtors but we have gained tons of practical knowledge over 20+ years helping all kind of Real Estate agencies on the Costa del Sol, Spain and Europe. We approach training sessions as customised but open conversations with your whole team identifying each department problem and finding the best solution in common. This team conversation allows surfacing how simple steps on one part of your business can help to save hours of work in another and ultimately come back increasing  leads, deals and sales.

Also, our techie but full of common sense point of view helps automating common daily tasks and increasing the efficient use of your website, services and tools that you may have already available (and be paying for).