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What makes the most respected real estate agencies choose Inmobalia’s MLS Network

Sergio Gonzalez | 12 Dec, 2022
MLS Network for Modern Real Estate Agents

In Spain, the property market where the use of real estate MLS networks is probably the most widespread is on the Costa del Sol. Real estate agencts in Malaga, and especially in the Marbella area of influence, invest a lot of resources in property listing and its marketing. Using an property MLS allows them to maximise the exposure of that property portfolio through other agencies and reach a wider clientele.

But the choice of which MLS to use is crucial and not exempt from problems.

Most Real Estate MLS’s implement few or no control systems. Once a property is shared, the agency loses some or all control over:

Inmobalia MLS has always been recognised as one of the safest and highest quality Real Estate MLS networks. Its admission policies, strict rules of use and continuous pursuit of quality mean that the agencies with the best product are confident in using Inmobalia MLS as an essential part of their marketing.

Even so, Inmobalia MLS member agencies have continued to ask for more control and options to get the most out of inter-agency collaboration. And if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at Inmoba, it’s listening and learning from our clients’ knowledge.

We reproduce below the official announcement sent to our clients in which we let them know why they are members of the best real estate MLS network in the Costal del Sol, Andalusia and probably all of Spain. We have no doubt about that.

Subject: Not only the best CRM but also the best MLS Network for real estate agents and developers. Period.

Hi there,

This is a big (update) read about you being member of the best MLS Network.

So in short: We are happy to announce that we have completed everything we wanted to implement in the most advanced MLS Network in the country. Here is why… but if you do not have time to read this, please save this in your memory: Inmobalia CRM has the best property MLS Network inside. Not only for its quality of properties, but also for its flexibility, security and fine control. It allows you to create your very own network and share/clone your properties the way you want and with whomever you want.

And now, let’s get into the details.

For some time now, many markets have become sellers’ markets. There is little product in many areas, so MLS Networks have become a necessity. But using an MLS Network to promote your properties without control (who, where, what) could get you in trouble with owners of mid-to-high end properties and even damage your reputation. And on the other hand, using any kind of other people’s properties without control (how, which ones) would definitely make it impossible to grow your website and increase leads.

What happens when you Share a property on Inmobalia MLS Network?

The PUBLIC details of the property are made available to other agencies so that they can search, find and PRIVATELY offer your property to their clients. This means that they can send it by email, generate PDFs, share it via whatsapp, etc… but NEVER publish it on their website or portals.

What is Cloning a property?

Under some agreements between agencies, you can Clone a property from the Network and make it yours. And then:

But what is the new Clone & Web section about?

This section appears now when editing a property and it allows you to fine control more options to collaborate with other agencies on that specific property.

Can I make all my properties available for cloning to a partner agency very close to me?

Sure, this is what we call a global agreement. Ask support and your agreement will be added to your account without the need to review each property.

I’m not a listing agency but I have clients, which are my options?

I’m a property developer of very unique properties, options?

I’m a property developer of medium or big complexes, options?

I only want to collaborate with a few agencies, is there a way to do this?

Sure. You can configure your MLS Network as you wish. Just block or allow agencies in your Settings > Network section.

Can I search & find those properties I’m allowed to Clone?

Sure, the property search filters now allows you find them all easily.

How do I know which agencies can Clone a specific property of mine?

All global agreements and individual permissions to clone are detailed in the main details of the property.

Can I find out which agencies are allowing me to Clone all or some of their properties?

Of course, the new filters are available under Settings > Network. And now you can also check in their agency profile how and how many properties they share, allow cloning, etc. Use the Contact options there to ask for agreements.

Need a custom training session for your team?

Reserve a spot for your team at support@inmoba.com.  You are already member of the most powerful MLS network, make your team get the most of it.

Thanks to you all sending feedback. We keep listening. Happy work.
Inmoba Team