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On how to get more leads from real estate portals (and also Kyero Prime for free)

Sergio Gonzalez | 24 May, 2022
How to get more leads from property portals

On a daily basis, we at Inmoba work very closely with the technicians responsible for the backend of many real estate portals. With some of them we have a very good relationship and although of course, they don’t share their “secrets” with us, as we discuss new integrations and services with them, many “signals” come to light.

These are some of those signals that for an agency can make the difference between receiving 1 or 100 leads, or between good and bad leads.

Only top quality properties.

This should be obvious, but in most cases it doesn’t happen. Only publish (and pay for) properties for which you have all the information, perfect photos and every last piece of information that the portal allows you to enter. It is better (and cheaper) to publish 50 perfect properties than thousands with no control.

Internal portal stats often indicate that those who publish the highest number of properties do not necessarily get the best leads. Look for quality above all else.

Do not send duplicates.

Portals work hard to try to prevent their visitors from seeing duplicate properties over and over again. If you publish a property that you don’t have exclusive rights to, rewrite and make unique your descriptions, change the main photos, make it different from any other. And if we are talking about new developments, how many times do you think the same apartment appears on the portal?

Make your version the best of them.

Use everything the portal allows.

Portals invest a lot of money in every new “thing” they introduce. If they support video, they will give higher priority to properties with video. If they allow virtual tours, if they allow you to indicate whether you accept zoom tours, etc… It is logical that they will give priority to those who best use their system (which they have worked so hard to create).

Test the portal as a user.

Many real estate directors and owners pay huge sums each month to portals without even having done a simple search on them. Take your mobile phone, go to the portal and try to find a property like the one your last client has asked for. Is it easy? No problem? Are there properties that might suit your client? Not too many duplicates? Then the portal looks good and would be worth a try.

Don’t even think of paying for a portal that doesn’t work well on a mobile phone.

Take advantage of (or demand) a free trial and let the portal prove that it works.

The portal market is very crowded and competitive, and this works in our favour. You can live without being on the most expensive portals (which are usually the ones that do not offer anything for free). In the meantime, there are portals that are willing to prove with a free trial that they can generate the leads we need. Kyero.com is one of them (and it is largely to their credit that we thought of writing this little guide).

The Kyero team, with Sian Burton at the helm, contacted us to offer a month of priority support and Prime access to their portal to prove that everything they’ve evolved over the last few years really works. A month of unlimited premium listings for free? As users of Inmobalia CRM, you know that we usually pass these portal offers directly to you.

So here it is.


A perfect way to try out those new descriptions and photos of your best properties. And say “Hello!” to Sian for us, she and her colleague Rosana, will treat you very well.

And finally we’d like to drop a note to other portals – any amazing offers you’d like to pass on to our clients? We are listening.